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Below are some of our opinions and reactions from our students!

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Here are some testimonials from some of our 2012-2013 classmates!

"One of the most important things I gained from CITVC is confidence and the ability to easily communicate with other people. I really did improve my communication skills with each videoconference I did. In addition, videoconferencing pushes you to be a leader. You will see that it is important that you step up to the plate during a videoconference."  -Dwa'a
"This course teaches you leadership. Someone will usually emerge in a leadership position in the class. But more important that that is being diplomatic and understanding the views of the people you're conferencing with as well as you own views; you are representing our school and our country when we videoconference."  -Shey
"Being a global citizen is especially important in today's society because it makes you more knowledgeable and aware of issues affecting the world we live in both nationally and internationally. Throughout the past 12 years of our school lives we have been forced to study textbooks. No books are necessary with this course because you gain knowledge by researching and talking, two skills you will need for the future!" -Alex
"Although Ms. Menake is your teacher, you and your classmates will be the ones initiating everything. This class is in your hands. It is YOUR class! Because this is your class, you will have to take responsibility for yourself and your activities. You'll become a leader and should be able to guide yourself and your classmates through different service projects and global activities." -Mat

"Critical thinking skills are an important part of CITVC because they are a huge part of what keeps you sustained in a project or what keeps you engaged in a conversation. These skills allow you to think outside the box and form your own opinions. It allows you to learn from experiences through self-assessment and slef-reflection."  -Erica

"When you first enter the class, you may not even realize what your opinions are on certain subjects or even know if you have any opinions at all, but trust me - you do. This class will give you the opportunity to explore these opinion and yourself in a way you might not have before."  -Jessica

"One thing Ms. Menake really makes prominent throughout the course is global citizenship and awareness. Keep your mind open so you can become a better global citizen. To be a worthwhile global citizen means to stand up against injustice and take some action to make the world better."  -Lara "In our world it is important to be able to work with people from all different backgrounds and ethnicities and knock down barriers separating people around the world. With my own experience I realized the importance of this when I was applying for college. Every school I applied to wanted me to write an essay about why diversity is important and my experiences with different cultures."  -Alexa
"History has always been a subject that interests me.  I enjoy learning about different places and cultures in the world.  I feel it is critical to understand and explore as many areas as possible.  This class will serve as great learning experience for me." -Danielle
"I have always been interested in other countries.  This class is a great chance for me to learn more for the future as I can definitely see myself using what I gain from this class when I am older. Also, I would be able to learn about different perspectives that other countries have on international issues."  -Jeff
"I think it is very interesting to talk about issues in the world that pertain to the economy and crises in the nation and around the world.  As a young child I always wanted a pen pal.  I thought it would be very exciting to learn about different cultures and the way they live.  Now that I am in this course, I learn from others around the world by actually talking with them; it shows their personality and I like that."  -Nick
"When I heard about the class I was automatically interested.  The thought of being able to interact with other students around the world amazes me.  I feel this class is a great experience in life to see and understand different outlooks on major issues such as politics, government action, education, etc."  -Kayla
"I plan to attend college and major in International Relations.  The reason I chose to study this is because I like to help others when they are going through hard times.  Another reason is because I love to travel and learn about the different cultures available to us.  I love learning new things, especially about culture, because it shows how people survive and live on a daily basis."  -Yasmine
"Unlike a lot of my peers, I watch the news and read the newspaper.  I like to know what's going on in the world because I feel everyone should know the news and form their own opinions on things and understand the problems we face."  -Micky 
Rachel "The documentary Darfur Now had a massive impact on my heart and my sympathy for the people being exterminated in Darfur.  Ted Braun is truly an amazing and brave individual who did all in his power to help people in Darfur and help educates the people of America about what is happening in Darfur."  

-Rachel, GNG Darfur:  Never, Ever Again? videoconference
Logan "Water will always play a role in everyone's lives; however, in the future it may play a larger role with states or countries strengths determined not only by military power but their water resources and importation or distribution.  The only thing that will remain certain is that with the population every growing and fresh water becoming scarcer and scarcer, the demand will go up with the prices while the comfort and reliability everyone takes in access to water will go down." 

-Logan, GNG Water Wars and Hydropolitics videoconference
John "With the loans from Kiva and other microcredit organizations, people will have a strong foundation to escape poverty.  There is one thing that everyone must understand about microcredit:  this is not a quick process, you do not just give people loans and they escape poverty.  This is a process that might take a generation or two or three,but in the end it will be worth it.  People will see their children and/or grandchildren be more successful than they.  Now that is a sight worth seeing."

-John, GNG Microcredit:  Exploring the Fight against Poverty videoconference
Reanna "Yesterday we conferenced with Germany.  This was my favorite conference I have done so far.  It was a very informative, relaxed conference.  We asked each other different things about what it is like in each others countries and found out their views on the economy and about Barack Obama being elected president.  I really hope we get to do more conferences like this one." 

-Reanna, videoconference with school in Nuremberg, Germany

"As student moderator I felt a special connection to this conference as well as our guest speaker, a victim of human trafficking.  As soon as she began to speak my heart wanted to cry.  I knew trafficking happened in developing nations, but I was not aware of the extent that is exists in the United States and western Europe."

-Rachel, GNG Human Trafficking videoconference

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