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Here's what's currently happening with CITVC!

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This year the CITVC students are keeping online portfolios containing their reflections of our videoconferences as well as their own interests in current events.

"A defining condition of being human is that we have to understand the meaning of our experience." —Jack Mezirow

Most assignments are geared towards the present and the future. These reflective entries on my students' Google Sites are about the past and what has happened in our classroom. In a reflection CITVC students discuss their experiences; students are producing personal insight from a learning experience. They take stock in what they just experienced and then they try to make some sense of it. They also wonder about the consequences of their experiences in videoconferences and reveal the impact the videoconferences have had on them.


We raised $500 in collaboration with the Amnesty International Club and the Future Doctors of America Club at PV! Some students in the CITVC class helped with this fundraiser during their lunch periods, selling bracelets and collecting donations. We are proud to support this cause dedicated to caring for children and adults afflicted with facial cleft deformities in Bangladesh and around the world.

For more info, please visit:



The students in Period 5's Contemporary Issues through Videoconferencing class made a video to invite Ellen to a videoconference.

The video really says it all!

ELLEN, what do you say?

In the Fall of 2013, a foreign exchange student from Veneto, Italy enrolled in classes at Passaic Valley. Her name is Sabrina and she became friends with some of the CITVC students.

We invited her to talk to both sections of this course about Italy and her impressions of the differences/similarities between Italy and the United States. She spoke at length about politics, education and world affairs.

The students had so many questions for Sabrina and enjoyed her visit to our classroom. We will miss her when she returns to Italy in January of 2014, but we plan on having a Skype session soon!

  • Award Info

Ms. Kathleen Menake was awarded the 9/11 Tribute Center 2014 Teacher Award. The 9/11 Tribute Center is directly connected with the events of September 11, 2001. Ms. Menake was selected for her work with her Contemporary Issues through Videoconferencing (CITVC) students in presenting portfolios about their videoconferences highlighting the work and difficulties experienced by the first responders and survivors, such as widows, widowers and surviving children.

She received a Certificate of Merit and a $500 gift for our school at the 9/11 Tribute Center which is located at the south side of the World Trade Center site. Principal Ray Rotella attended along with some students from the CITVC course and they were all greeted by a Regent from the New York State Education Department. The September 11th Families' Association President, Lee Ielpi, spent time talking to the group and also took them on a guided tour of the WTC site. Passaic Valley is very proud to have received this prestigious award.

The Terry Farrell Firefighters Scholarship Fund made our award possible.

Click here to see the local newspaper article on the award!

NJEDge.Net Faculty Showcase: Best Practices

CITVC presented at the NJEDge.Net conference in March 2014. "Every spring NJEDge sponsors a day-long event at one of its member institutions to showcase faculty best practices. Targeted to educators from K-12, higher education, institutional research, and healthcare related teaching this is an opportunity for them to show their work to NJ colleagues."

Kathy Menake (CITVC Teacher), and her students presented during a breakout session titled Contemporary Issues through Videoconferencing (CITVC) in Track 3, which was dedicated to student engagement.

Please visit this link to see the program description.

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