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About Us
Through a vital global perspective, CITVC allows students to gain skills necessary for productive problem solving and decision-making. The refinement of these skills is aimed at preparing students to become effective and responsible contributors at the individual, community, state, national and international levels.
Educational technology offers countless possibilities for learning, including videoconferencing, interactive virtual field trips, formal instruction, and dialogue with students, educators, and experts from around the country and the world. This class meets five days a week with a major focus on preparation and participation in videoconferences. It is a Media and Social Studies elective open to juniors and seniors with the drive to become citizens of the world.
The Classroom
Educational Technology At Work
Why Do We Provide Such a Course?
  • To enhance student awareness of the interrelationship of the various cultures of the world
  • To encourage and foster student-to-student exchange and increase opportunities for both students and teachers to experience activities focused on global awareness
  • To use technology for direct access to sources of information that are continually changing in order to expand the walls of our school and library
  • To become effective and responsible contributors to problem-solving and to decision-making processes at individual, community, national, and international levels
  • To bring youth face-to-face to meet and to discuss world issues that affect and unite us all
  • To learn about the historical background of all countries involved
  • To aid students in exhibiting reflective attitudes toward their personal values, the values of others, and the cultural values evident in their own and other societies
  • To provide students with information technology skills that students will need to be successful in their education and careers
  • To develop and apply skills related to acquiring, organizing, evaluating, and using information technology as a communication tool
  • To increase opportunities for both students and teachers to experience activities focused upon national and global awareness
  • To encourage students to embrace their global citizenship by becoming knowledgeable and pro-active
  • To raise tolerance of different value systems and cultures

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