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Globalization impacts the life of every person and every nation on the planet.
As young citizens we can contribute to the dialogue of globalization.

About Around The World:

The purpose of our project is to bring students from different cultures and backgrounds together to promote global awareness and understanding. We hope to do this through a combination of activities that utilize videoconferencing and an interactive website for the exchange of information and ideas. The culminating activity will involve Passaic Valley High School hosting a series of approximately one-hour individual videoconferences with participating schools during one 24-hour period. Students will be engaged in discussion on selected topics and problem-solving. The project has two basic elements: the actual videoconferences themselves and an interactive forum to promote the exchange of information and ideas.

The advances in communication technology offers this generation valuable and fruitful multicultural dialogues. Videoconferencing allows people separated by distance to verbally and visually communicate in real time. Interactive websites allow for the continuation of dialogue long after the videoconferences are over. It is our wish here at Passaic Valley High School that this type of hands-on learning prepares our students to be intelligently engaged in analysis and lively discussion with their peers from around the world. We also want this project to serve as a basis for our students to understand their relationships and responsibilities to people, institutions and the environment.
Global Education Motivators
GEM is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) in association with the United Nations Department of Public Information. Founded in 1981, GEM's mission of promoting a global perspective in all aspects of learning has never been more important. Our interdependent global community demands it. GEM was one of the first educational organizations to focus on developing global education programs for both schools and the local community. GEM was founded by educators and is directed today by educators, servicing schools and communities throughout the United States and abroad. GEM offers a variety of videoconferencing programs for students ages K-12, as well as university level programs.
Program topics include, but are not limited to, the UN in your World, UN/Global Issues, From Independence to Interdependence, African Perspectives, GEMSTONES, From Words to Deeds, Landmines, as well as Staff Development.
Passaic Valley Regional High School
Our school's PVTV media crew records all the conferences and streams the video on the local public access television station, Channel 77, serving the three towns of Little Falls, Totowa, and Woodland Park . Our school's website streams the program which gives the parents, the school community and the world the ability to view the videoconferences live! CITVC's Twitter and Facebook pages are the vehicle for the students from each country to continue their conversation.

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