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Journals - Bob Woodward  
CITVC worked with WVIZ/PBS to participate in a Town Hall Speaker's Series with Bob Woodward!  Students in the Contemporary Issues through Videoconferencing course got to dialogue via videoconference with Pulitzer-prize winning author Bob Woodward. Ten schools participated and a high school in Ohio hosted Mr. Woodward. He talked with the students about his career as an author and investigative reporter, most especially his reporting the Watergate Scandal. He also interacted with the students in a discussion of the aftermath of 9/11 and current issues in Washington, D.C.

"Lucas and I saw Mr. Woodward speak at the NYLC event we both attended during the second inauguration of President Obama in January 2013 in D.C. Talking to him as a class was an awesome opportunity. He really emphasized the importance and the need for journalists to find out the truth, especially in the world today." -Billy

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