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Journals - Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked

CITVC student Brian Sedita planned and executed a magnificent opportunity for our class. His personal videoconference project was to speak with the author of Wicked, Gregory Maguire. As a huge fan of the Broadway musical of the same name, Brian wanted to meet the man who authored the story of Elphaba and OZ before Dorothy arrived. Aside from creating a lesson plan for the class, Brian also did the footwork to contact and arrange for a Skype with Mr. Maguire. It was a glorious time for all involved and a videoconference that we will never forget!

"I was very proud that I was able to successfully devise this conference and make it happen so smoothly. I am especially grateful that PVTV taped the conference so that I'll have a copy to share with family and friends that couldn't be there. Words can't even describe how fulfilling doing the conference was. Being able to do my lesson plans and teach the class about Wicked was very fun. I am certainly a supporter of the notion of creating your own education." -Brian

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