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Journals - Timeline of Social Change
Global Nomads Group hosted a two-day PULSE program on the topic of social change and how the youth can participate in positive social change around their communiities and on the international scene.

"From the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street, youth worldwide have banded together to bring about change in their communities. But what does change look like and how long does it take? In this program, we'll explore the path proceeding a variety of movements from your local community demonstrations to international revolutions." -GNG website

During the first videoconference, students from three U.S. schools and one Canadian school dialogued with Magdalena Gil Ureta, a Chilean educator, activist, and Fulbright scholar, currently based in New York and Washington, DC. She is completing her PhD dissertation on Catastrophe and State Building at Columbia University. Students had to complete a case study on education reform in Chile from the 1980s to 2014. Magdalena spoke about and fielded questions about her participation in the student education reform movement in Chile since 2006. To read more about Magdalena, please click here.

During the second videoconference, students presented their class's ideas on a social change movement in their school community that would be a positive change for the school. Each group shared their awareness, advocacy or action projects and fielded questions from their peers on their projects. It was a lively discussion among high school students about how to take that first step towards activism for positive change.

We used the following sites to help prepare for this two-part program:
Chile Students resume protests for free education
Nonviolent Conflict
Teaching for Change
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