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Journals - Lawrence Reed

The CITVC course participated in a Skype call with Mr. Lawrence "Larry" Reed, president of FEE (Foundation for Economic Education). We talked about the Great Depression and what Larry calls "the great myths of the Great Depression." The students heard a different perspective on government involvment in the recovery efforts and the lack of effectiveness of FDR's New Deal. This Skype dialogue really engaged the students since it was a different political perspective on a major world event that they had not learned about in their U.S. History classes! To read more about Larry Reed, please visit:

We worked with Students for Liberty, a libertarian-group of students who provide a Speakers Bureau for students to connect with experts in their classrooms around the USA and the world!

“Understanding opposing viewpoints is the key when formulating your own opinion. In videoconferencing with a Libertarian about the Great Depression, I experienced this firsthand. Honestly I didn’t agree with much of what Larry was saying. As a Libertarian, he felt that the economy should be completely free of government intervention. Now, at certain points, the government can get too involved, but in the case of the Great Depression, I still feel intervention was necessary.” -Ali

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