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Journals - Live Neurosurgery
Liberty Science Center offers a wonderful program called Live From Surgery. Students can attend a session in-house at the Liberty Science Center, or view the surgery via videoconference.
Students interact live, in real time, with the OR doctors, nurses, and technicians working in area hospitals during a surgery and students can gain knowledge of surgical procedures, anatomy, health issues, and careers in technology and health care.

CITVC students, along with the AP Biology and Anatomy and Physiology students, attended this medical videoconference showing surgeons performing live neurosurgery. The specific procedure was a right frontal craniotomy to remove a tumor. It was broadcast live from Overlook Hospital in Summit, New Jersey.

"The two neurosurgeons worked together well. They found the tumor to be difficult to remove, but they didn't panic, they just continued to work patiently. The whole class was interested, as well as curious, during the over 4- hour surgery."  -Jenna

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