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Journals - Vivienne Harr and Make A Stand

CITVC student Julie Goldberg chose a dialogue with Vivienne Harr as her project for the class. CITVC students had a Skype session with Vivienne Harr, the 10-year-old founder of Make A Stand Lemonade and visionary of a world free of childhood slavery. It was a great conversation about Vivienne's dream to end child slavery one bottle of lemonade at a time! She is also an entrepreneur and an animal lover too!

CITVC students enjoy some of Vivienne's lemonade.
We are proud to have donated to such a worthy cause!


For more info on Vivienne Harr, please see: 

Young Girl Fighting Child Slavery Rings NYSE Bell On Twitter IPO Day
The 9-Year-Old Who Vows To End Child Slavery
Her story is now a documentary film!

To buy some lemonade, please visit:  


"Vivienne decided at the age of 8 to help child slaves worldwide after seeing a frightful picture of two young boys being forced to carry heavy stones.  She created her own lemonade stand in California where she lives and stood outside every day for 365 days until she reached her goal of freeing 500 slaves."  -Julie
"Overall, Vivienne Harr has got to be one of the most inspiring people I've ever hear about and spoken to. Her determination to ending child slavery is unparalleled by any other humanitarian three times her own age. I think it's great that we got the chance to speak to Vivienne and I can only imagine the success that she will realize for herself in the future. Above all, I am inspired by this charming little girl. This videoconference was more than phenomenal." - Gianna
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