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Journals - Climate Change
Climate Change
Climate Change

The Contemporary Issues through Videoconferencing class was excited to discuss climate change with Dr. David A. Robinson, PhD. He is the New Jersey State Climatologist and a Rutgers University's Geography Dept. Professor. We had a lively discussion about the future climate scenarios for the state of New Jersey, the nation and the world. Dr. Robinson is an energetic speaker who sparked interest in the students in the future issues that climate change will bring.

Julie "Dr. Robinson informed us of the dwindling ecosystems and how citizens need to be more actively involved in saving our planet  The U.S is a major contributor to the pollution that damages the ecosystems every year. Seas levels are rising from melting ice caps and it keeps getting worse. By speaking to Professor Robinson he made me realize how critical our climate crisis is the the world and gave me a better understanding what is actually happening world wide."  -Julie

For more information on this topic, please visit:

1. The ONJSC at Rutgers University (Office of the New Jersey State Climatologist)
2. Weather Geek - Rutgers Professor David Robinson
3. Climate Change Seen Posing Risks to Food Supplies
4. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

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