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Journals - Egyptian School from Cairo 

Ian Jamison from the Tony Blair Faith Foundation in London moderated this conference between our videoconferencing class and students from the Own Heliopolis School in Cairo, Egypt. We spoke about our respective schools and how faith shapes our lives. In particular we explored how faith influences our communities and our daily lives. We were partnered with this Egyptian school by the Face to Faith organization - a big thank you to them for a great videoconference!

"It was really interesting to know that although they were halfway across the world, they had the same thoughts about pollution and environmental issues as we did. It was also really intriguing to discuss religion with them and to learn how prominent it is in their school life. The Egyptians were very interested in how Passaic Valley is very diverse and religion is not present in our school life."  -Shefa

Some of our research included:

Air pollution indoors and outdoors high, threaten health and environment
Pollution in Egypt: Global Consequences to Poor Environmental Practices
Religion and Faith in Modern Cairo

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