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Journals - The Right to Bear Arms
The Right to Bear Arms
The Right to Bear Arms

CITVC participated in a two-part Pulse Program on gun control hosted by Global Nomads Group. "Pulse Programs are virtual town hall meetings designed to give students a forum to deliberate some of the most challenging issues of our time, ..., to learn about critical global issues from guest experts, exchange perspectives with their peers, and share ideas for the future" (Global Nomads Group).  

The first Pulse session involved a discussion with Lorey Campese, a Humanitarian Campaigner at Oxfam International and the Communications Lead for the Control Arms Coalition. The second dialogue was among schools from all over the U.S., tackling the guiding question: How do we, as youth, participate in the global debate on gun control?

Gabriella "Recently our class had a video conference with Abigail from Global Nomads Group, and she was our moderator as we talked with other schools about the issue of gun control.  After famous cases such as the Trayvon Martin, or the many school shootings such as Sandy Hook, gun control has become a huge issue in our country.  While talking with other schools such as ones in North Carolina and Kansas it became apparent that we were the only school in the conference in which not every person in the room had a firearm in their household. While our debate remained good-natured it was obvious that our school stands on a very different side of the debate. Personally, I think that the sales of firearms should be much more monitored."  -Gabriella

For more information on child soldiers, please see:
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