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Journals - 9/11 Tribute Center
9/11 Tribute Center
9/11 Tribute Center
9/11 Tribute Center

Students in the Contemporary Issues through Videoconferencing class participated in two separate but connected videoconferences about 9/11 hosted by the 9/11 Tribute Center. One videoconference was with a firefighter, Brenda Berkman, who responded to 9/11 just as the South Tower collapsed. She informed the students of the horrors and frightening experiences that people went through that day. She had worked with about 250 of the 343 FDNY members who were lost. The other videoconference was with Ann Van Hine, a widow of a firefighter from Squad 41 who was killed on 9/11 when the North Tower collapsed. His remains were recovered some months later.

"Listening to experiences from these two women have opened our eyes as youth who may not remember a lot that happened on that day. It has shown us the true horrors of that day and has given is pause to realize what people can do and how the world works. This video conference matured us as young adults and has made a large impact on me as it has others around me. Learning more about this even helped stitch a bit more of the puzzling confounding ideas that exist in me and has expressed in words the nightmare that can be humanity. These women have rejuvenated my hope in it as they are brave enough to relive their past to educate us."  -Lucas

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Passaic Valley High School videoconference class participates in two 9/11 talks

CITVC students utilized the following sites to prepare for these videoconferences:

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