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Journals - Liberation of a Death Train at Farsleben
Vanderbilt Virtual School hosts a series of videoconferences presented by eye-witness Holocaust survivors each spring semester called The  Holocaust: Witnesses and Voices. CITVC students were riveted by the story of the freeing of Jews from this one train at Farsleben, Germany.

Holocaust Survivor Dr. Micha Tomkiewicz and history teacher Matthew Rozell discussed the liberation of a train transport from the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen by U.S. troops on April 13th, 1945.
Nuclear Threat of the Millennial Videoconference 
"Dr. Tomkiewicz, a professor at Brooklyn College, lost his father following the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and was liberated as a 6-year old child from this train with his mother. He was reunited with the soldiers who freed him through a project run by Matt Rozell. Mr. Rozell, a United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Teacher Fellow, was the teacher responsible for reuniting Dr. Tomkiewicz and other survivors of this train with the actual soldiers who freed it, over 60 years later. Mr. Rozell discussed the impact on the American soldiers who stumbled across this horror train with over 2,500 starving and sick victims of the Holocaust... In his Teaching History Matters oral history project, Matt Rozell and his students posted an online journal in an attempt to reconnect this train transport of 2,500 Holocaust survivors with the American soldiers who liberated them on April 13, 1945. To date, over 225 survivors and liberators from this train have been reunited because of this class project." -Vanderbilt Virtual School curriculum
"Hearing Dr. Tomkiewicz's riveting story about his time on the death train made an impact on me. It was amazing to hear a first-hand account from a survivor. I was impressed how he told his story while still dealing with his emotions about this horrific time." -Lauren
Nuclear Threat of the Millennial Videoconference  Click here to see
Holocaust Survivors, Liberators Reunited [ABC News]
Nuclear Threat of the Millennial Videoconference 
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