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Journals - Syria : In Crisis
Global Nomads Group offered this 1-part Pulse program with guest speaker Karen Leigh from Syria Deeply. She is a Contributing Editor for this digital media project. Ms. Leigh reports for publications including TIME magazine, The New York Times, and Foreign Policy. She covers the Middle East and is a foreign correspondent based in Istanbul.
Syria : In Crisis videoconference 
CITVC and other interested PV students were in attendance for this videoconference. At times there was heated discussion over the crisis in Syrian which has raged since March 2011, especially on the issue of what will happen to the Christian minority and Alawites if President al-Assad no longer has power. The defining question of this Pulse program was: "What role, if any, should the international community play in Syria?" Students were dividied on the call for international intervention.
To read some of Ms. Leigh's articles, please see: 

One on One: I Never Wear Armor

Syria Deeply Asks: What's the Best-Case Scenario for Syria?
Marcel Louis
"As a Syrian citizen I was really interested and excited when I heard that we were going to talk to a journalist on the Syrian conflict. She explained how the government works and the reasons as to why there is a revolution. She explained that this was not a war focused on religion. It is frightening how the journalists are risking their lives for the sake of delivering accurate news."  -Marcel
  "I feel very strongly about everything that is going on in Syria. During the conference, the speaker talked about different events going on there and she told us about her visits to Syria. Some of my fellow classmates are pro-President Bashar al-Assad and believe his actions are justified. However, I think the people are right to rebel against his government and his tyrannical ways. I hope to see the people become victorious."  -Dwa'a
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