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Journals - Surgical Suite: Total Knee Replacement
COSI, Center of Science and Industry, based in Columbus Ohio, hosted this live videoconference for several schools from Operating Room #6 at Mount Carmel East Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. We were able to ask questions to the orthopedic surgeon and his team while he removed the diseased cartilage and bone from the knee and replaced these with a prosthetic. Students from the AP Biology and Anatomy and Physiology classes also attended this live videoconference.
This was an exceptional experience* for high school students interested in medicine and physical therapy as future careers.

We used the following site for preparation:    Virtual Knee Replacement Surgery

"It was such a great experience to have the opportunity to view a live knee surgery. It was interactive which was an extraordinary experience since we could ask the surgeon some questions. Many students who have interest in the medical field saw the conference as a learning experience." -Lara

*Due to COSI rules, we had to agree to not videotape, rebroadcast, take photos or reuse in an manner any portion of the Surgical Suite.

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