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Journals - Congressman Bill Pascrell
Congressman Bill Pascrell videoconference 
Congressman Bill Pascrell videoconference 

CITVC student Kaitlyn Kallert planned this videoconference for her classmates. Tracy Kallert (Kaitlyn's mother) was integral in making this videoconference possible.

Congressman Bill Pascrell represented the 8th district from January 1997-January 2013. He will always be very involved with the three communities of Little Falls, Totowa and Woodland Park despite the redistricting in early 2013. He videoconferenced with CITVC students from Washington D.C. and he discussed the sequester and Congressional politics.

Read the newspaper article on our videoconference with Congressman Pascrell:
  PV students chat with Pascrell via feed

Kaitlyn Kallert "I was very excited to videoconference with Congressman Pascrell! He was very down-to-earth and easy to relate to. It was nice how he answered any and all questions we had in an unbiased way. Although he is a Democrat, he gave his own opinion as well as the Republican viewpoint on subjects such as the sequester and gun control. I would love to speak with him again and learn more about our nation's Congress!"  -Kaitlyn  
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