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Journals - Nuclear Threat of the Millennial
Global Nomads Group hosted a two-day PULSE program on the rising tensions that have concerned officials worldwide about the possibility of a nuclear Iran and North Korea.
Nuclear Threat of the Millennial Videoconference 
The students of Contemporary Issues through Videoconferencing spoke with Philip Yun, Executive Director and COO of Ploughshares Fund, about his experiences with regards to working with promoting peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons. For more info on Philip Yun and Ploughshares, please see:
1 - Philip Yun's Biography
2 - Arms Control Association
3 - Ploughshares: Who We Are
"I have strong views on nuclear weapons. They pose a threat to civilization. More and more countries are building weapons and there are some rogue countries threatening to use them; most recently North Korea is threatening to use them. The world's officials need to try, without violence, to stop such threats. Negotiations and diplomacy are the best route." -Nick
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