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Journals - Live from Northern Ireland 
Live from Northern Ireland videoconference 
This videoconference was in celebration of 2013 National Women's History Month: Women Inspiring Innovation through Imagination.
Live from Northern Ireland  videoconference 

Dr. John Haas is the Founder and Director of The Global Consortium for Sustainable Peace. Currently he is the history department chair at Cerritos College, California. Students from Ms. Menake's U.S. History II class, along with some CITVC members, attended this videoconference with college students from Cerritos College.

We heard a presentation by Mary Montague titled Relationships to Reconciliation in Northern Ireland. Mary Montague is the Director of Tides. "Tides Training & Consultancy is a national award winning, ethically based voluntary non-profit training organisation...TIDES recognises that the building of a sustainable peace requires the development of an effective community infrastructure that can build confidence and trust across all parts of the community of Northern Ireland." Ms. Montague spoke about her organization's efforts at peace and the continuing conflict in Northern Ireland.

Jessica Sobanko "This conference helped me to get a better idea of the problems between the Protestants and Catholics in Northern Irleand. I was especially interested by the issues surrounding the parade held every July to commenmorate the Battle of the Boyne of 1690. This topic was personally interesting to me because I am of Irish Catholic descent. Before the conference, I was not aware of the magnitude of hatred that exists between the two groups in Northern Ireland. The peace process that Ms. Montague talked about is so important for the future of this area of the world."  -Jessica

We viewed these videos prior to the discussion:

Belfast Peace Walls - from Walls of Shame Ep 4, Part 2

Peace in Northern Ireland, But Religious Divide Remains

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