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Journals - Israel: The Kotel

Students from the Contemporary Issues through Videoconferencing class had the wonderful opportunity to "visit" Jerusalem. Our tour guide, Yuval, from The Kotel helped to show us around the city and pointed out all the important sites and stories connected to Jerusalem. This videoconference was an extension of our Around the World event from May 14, 2013. We could not talk with Jerusalem that day because it was the holiday of Shavuot.

For more infomration about this program, please see The Kotel.

Israel: The Kotel Videoconference 

"In preparation for this videoconference, Ms. Menake gave the entire class the assignment of writing down our personal intentions in life. We then came to find out that she sent those intentions to the Kotel. When we talked with them over videoconference, the tour guide, Yuval, had our intentions placed in the Western Wall, which is a very special place.
After the videoocnference I think I speak for the entire class when I say that we all would like to visit Jerusalem to experience the culture and the beauty of a place that unites so many different people from all over the world."  -Isaac
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