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Journals - TV Journalism/News Anchors
Parties, Platforms, & Promises videoconference  The Contemporary Issues through Videoconferencing class. along with several students from the Broadcast Journalism course, spoke with two TV anchors who work for WTVF - News Channel 5 (a CBS affiliate) in Nashville, Tennessee! It was a great opportunity for the students who are interested in a career in TV journalism.
Parties, Platforms, & Promises videoconference  Steve Hayslip and Amy Watson shared with our students how to start off your career in the TV business and they both also shared their personal stories. We got to see samples of their reporting and they graciously answered all our questions about the business.
Steve and Amy spoke to us and three other schools about how TV news is constructed, what makes a good interview and how serious news anchors avoid sensationalism in their reporting.
Parties, Platforms, & Promises videoconference 
Marcel Louis "This is my future career choice. Talking with Steve and Amy from WTVF was a great experience. They both showed us how they approach a story and what is needed for a good story."  -Marcel


We used these sites to prepare for this videoconference:

News Channel 5

Educational Requirements For Entering The TV Journalism Field

What is Broadcast Journalism?
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