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Journals - Iraq:  10 Years Later
CITVC students participated in a videoconference commemorating the 10-year anniversary of the start of the Iraq War hosted by Global Nomads Group as part of their Pulse Programs.

"Ten years after the U.S. invasion on Iraq, the country struggles to rebuild economically, socially, and physically. After years of sanctions and violence, Iraq is ranked the eighth most corrupt country in the world. What does the country look like now and what are the current challenges of its’ citizens? With 65% of its population under the age of 25, young people are weary of war and more interested in discussing how the country is going to get back on its feet and rebuild its battered infrastructure. In this program, we will investigate the years leading up to President Bush’s declaration of war on Iraq and delve into what the youth in the U.S. and Iraq are doing to make sense of a promising future." (GNG storyboard)

Dwa'a "I was very interested to hear about how much Iraq is still suffering, most especially the youth. The roots of democracy are shallow there still, and the U.S. needs to continue to help."  -Dwa'a

CITVC used the following sites for research:

BBC News - Iraq Profile - Timeline

Infographic: US ends Iraq war chapter

Iraqi Youths Long for Their Own Moment in the 'Arab Spring'

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