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Journals - Hidden Child Survivor of Nazi Holocaust 
Hidden Child Survivor of Nazi Holocaust videoconference 
Vanderbilt Virtual School provides a series called Holocaust: Witnesses and Voices. The program offers several  videoconference which features powerful presentations by eye-witness Holocaust survivors.
Hidden Child Survivor of Nazi Holocaust videoconference 

Students of the Contemporary Issues through Videoconferencing course listened to the story of Frances Cutler Hahn who was three years old when her parents sent her to a Catholic children's home in France. Her father joined the French Resistance and her mother was deported to Auschwitz where she died. Frances told us her story and fielded questions from several schools, including two elementary schools.

CITVC used these sites for our research:

Hidden Children – Child Survivors of the Holocaust – Gather in Washington

   Life in Shadows - Hidden Children of the Holocaust

Hidden Child Survivor of Nazi Holocaust videoconference  "The one thing that I remember most about the videoconference with Frances Cutler Hahn was the solemn tone. There was an overwhelming feeling of respect and empathy for her in the room. I was inspired at how composed she was in recounting her experience, especially when one of the students asked her if she gets emotional when retelling her story. This videoconference was easily one of the most memorable videoconferences that I have participated in this year."  -Shey
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