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Journals - Greek School from Athens, Greece
Parties, Platforms, & Promises videoconference 
Parties, Platforms, & Promises videoconference 

Olympia, a CITVC student, organized and moderated this videoconference. She has a friend who lives in Athens, Greece and she invited her to ask her teacher to Skype with our class here at Passaic Valley.

We had a lively discussion about the economy in Greece and the economy here in the United States. It was a insightful talk among the youth of each country and one that really touches upon a current global issue that is still very much in flux.

Parties, Platforms, & Promises videoconference 
Olympia Lagonikos. "Organizing the videoconference with a school in Athens, Greece was a long, but not a difficult, process. One of my close friends attends a private school in Athens so I took the opportunity to plan a videoconference between CITVC and her school. After several e-mails between me and the Greek teacher, we held our Skype session. The conference was very important and of interest to me because of my Greek background and it was of interest to my classmates because of Greece's financial crisis."  -Olympia   CITVC used the following sites to prepare: 
The Greek Crisis
Human cost of Greek crisis
Eurozone Crisis Explained
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