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Journals - German School from Nuremberg, Germany, Fall 2012
Parties, Platforms, & Promises videoconference 
Parties, Platforms, & Promises videoconference 

CITVC has been videoconferencing via Skype with a high school in Nürnberg, Germany since Fall 2008.  We have a wonderful relationship and CITVC looked forward to this international reunion conference! Twenty German students and their two professors visited us in New Jersey in April 2012 for one week!

We spoke about our recent presidential election and about the damage for Hurricane Sandy to the metropolitan area. The Germans and their headmaster wished us all the best for the recovery and rebuilding efforts.

We posted the video on the right for the Germans to see the devastation to New Jersey.

Lauren Lawson "Last year's CITVC class hosted the Sigmund-Schuckert Gymnasium from Nürnberg, Germany. 20 students and 2 teachers stayed with some of the CITVC students, and even some other students who were not involved in the class last year (like me! I am in CITVC this year though!). There was such a great bond between the students from Germany and our CITVC class that we did not want to see them go! Although we have kept in touch with our friends across the Atlantic, nothing can compare to our first videoconference with them since they left in April 2012. Everyone was so excited to see each other again and to be together again as a group. We will always share a special bond." -Lauren
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