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Journals - Election Watch: Policies, Perspectives & Promises 
Global Nomads Group offers a program called Pulse. "Pulse programs are virtual, town hall meetings designed to give students a forum to deliberate some of the most challenging issues of our time." Students in the Contemporary Issues through Videoconferencing class participated in the second of three programs titled Election Watch. Specifically, we spoke with Monica Cevallos, an Associate at Latinovations, a national public relations firm. The topic for this vc was Political Parties: Policies, Perspectives, & Promises.

"Monica is also a commentator on the PBS show “To The Contrary,” and serves as the National Director of Operations and Chapter Development for The New Latino Movement, a volunteer-based network that engages, trains, empowers and connects young progressive Latinos through online and on-the-ground strategies.

As a Development and Event Coordinator for Tenants and Workers, a non-profit grassroots organization focused on building the power of low-income people in Northern Virginia, Ms. Cevallos developed and executed a fundraising plan that raised the organization an estimated 100,000 dollars annually." Monica is a supporter of the Obama campaign.

CITVC students asked several policy questions, as well as this question:
"Do you see a difference in youth engagement in this year’s election as opposed to the 2008 election?

We used the following sources to prepare for this videoconference:
Why Latino Media Matters in the 2012 Election

For more info on this GNG program:

Azmer "CITVC has focused on the presidential election this fall. The two candidates are fighting for key battleground states, and the debates have proven to really be interesting. That first debate in Colorado changed the opinion polls in favor of Romney. It was an interesting election season to say the least!"  -Azmer
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