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Journals - Key Issues of the 2012 Presidential Race
The Contemporary Issues through Videoconferencing class spoke with Larry Woods, a renowned debate and interview coach of political leaders. He spoke to us about the major issues of the election: the economy, healthcare, foreign policy, immigration and environment/energy issues. CITVC students were able to ask him questions about each topic and Mr. Woods dialogued with the students about the importance of being an intelligent voter.
Key Issues of the 2012 Presidential Race Videoconference 
Students prepared for this debate by studying a chart outlining the differences in each parties approach to the five major issues mentioned above. We also used the following sites:

1. ELECTION CENTRAL- great links to resources on the U.S. Presidential election
 2. Electoral Vote Tracker for 2012 (includes elections from 1960-2008)
  3. Electoral Vote Tracker Timeline since 1789
4. NYTimes forecast blog
"During the 2012 Presidential election it was interesting to speak to members of the Democratic and Republican parties. I was especially interested because it was my first time voting this year. Through the videoconferences, I was able to hear different views and decide which views I agreed with the most. With the help of the videoconferences, I decided to register as an Independent."  -Erica Erica Gibbons
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