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Journals - Border Crossings
Parties, Platforms, & Promises videoconference 
Parties, Platforms, & Promises videoconference 

Border Crossings was a two-day PULSE program offered by Global Nomads Group (GNG) for students to explore this current global issue. Nicole from GNG moderated a discussion between several US schools from NJ, TN, FL and VA and the Silva Magnet School in El Paso, TX. Silva Magnet is a Health Sciences Magnet High School located one mile from the Mexican border.

Several of the students in EL Paso often visit Juarez, Mexico. We discussed the economics of immigration (benefits and costs to both the US economy and the Mexican economy), border violence (both teachers and students at Silva Magnet see an improvement here), and the Dream Act 2013, which is expected to be re-introduced by Congress in January 2013. We also debated the US-Mexican Border issues and controversies.

Read about our videoconference covered in the local paper!

We used the following sites to prepare for this program:
Homepage of the El Paso Independent School District
Get The Facts On The DREAM Act - The White House Blog
Federation for American Immigration Reform
New York Times Immigration Page

Parties, Platforms, & Promises videoconference 
Nicholas Armagno "Talking to a school so close to the Mexican border (1 mile) was very revealing of the border issues with the U.S. and Mexico. I was shocked to hear the students and teachers from El Paso tell us that many people leave Mexico illegally to run away from the violence caused by the illegal drug cartels."  -Nick
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