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Journals - Music for Everyone
Music for Everyone is an non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and resources for music in our schools and communities. Dr. John Gerdy spoke with CITVC students and some music students at Passaic Valley on December 7th. He stresses the need for music in our schools and communities and talked about his efforts to increase the funding for music programs.
One program he highlighted was the Keys to the City; view more about this program here: Ring the Keys
Music for Everyone Videoconference 
John Gerdy is one of the most enlightened sports educators in the country. He is a former professional basketball player. He was a legislative assistant at the NCAA and the Associate Commissioner of the Southeastern Conference. He is currently visiting Profession in Sports Administration at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. He is the founder and president of Music For Everyone, a Lancaster based non-profit dedicated to enhancing school and community music programs through advocacy, resource acquisition and grant allocation.
Music for Everyone Videoconference 

Please check out Music for Everyone Here!

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