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Journals - The Japanese Earthquake: One Year Later
On March 11, 2011, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake (one of the largest in history) hit off the east coast of Japan. This earthquake then triggered a 23 foot tall tsunami which struck the northeast portion of the country.
We participated in a two-part pulse program hosted by Global Nomads Group dedicated to The Japanese Earthquake: One Year Later. On the first day of videoconferencing we spoke with Ann Kambara, Director of the Tokyo American Center, U.S. Embassy, Tokyo. She was in Japan at the time of the earthquake and she volunteered with All Hands afterwards (for more info about this volunteer organization please visit Ms. Kambara talked about the effect of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami on the Japanese and its effect globally.
Arab Spring Videoconference 
Arab Spring Videoconference 
On the second day of the series, CITVC students spoke with their peers in Virginia about the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Specifically, the use of nuclear energy and the damage done to the Fukushima Power Plant was discussed.

CITVC students used the following resources in preparation for this series:

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