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Journals - German School from Nuremburg, Germany - Spring 2012 VC 1
German School from Nuremburg, Germany Videoconference 
CITVC has been videoconferencing with a well-established gymnasium (high school) in Nuremberg, Germany called Sigmund-Schuckert Gymnasium. The German students are enrolled in an upper level course at their high school and they are studying global politics. Their professor and I both wanted to explore the use of cultural exchanges in our classes so we began to collaborate on projects in 2008.
German School from Nuremburg, Germany Videoconference 
We have had great discussions on politics and culture since the Fall of 2008. Since then our two schools have developed a special relationship! In the spring of 2009 we sent each other care packages filled with items from our schools and cultures. In fact, 20 students and 2 professors are visiting us here at PV in April!
German School from Nuremburg, Germany Videoconference 
The principal and deputy of the Sigmund-Schuckert Gymnasium asked if my students could Skype with them on February 7th @ 7 p.m. their time (1 p.m. our time). They wanted to present our hosting of 20 of their German students this April when they advertised their school in Germany to parents who might send their children to their school next year. They had their Parent Orientation session that evening and highlighted our videoconferencing relationship to the community in Nuremberg.
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