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Journals - Students from University of Copenhagen, Denmark 
Denmark Videoconference 
Passaic Valley, in collaboration with MAGPI, hosted a discussion with the graduate students from Denmark on November 21st!
Denmark Videoconference 
The students from Denmark were very excited to have such a unique opportunity to speak with so many US schools from such different parts of the country (Texas, Pennsylvania, North Dakota) during their short visit here. The visiting students are six cultural anthropology students from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. In the month of November, they are doing a field study on American High Schools. 
Denmark Videoconference 
Denmark Videoconference 
The videoconference format was as follows: 

- Passaic Valley introduced the students from Denmark and moderated the videoconference

- Each participating school received question from the Danish students about their respective high school life

- Each American high school was given time to ask the Danish students questions about life in Denmark
This conference was made possible by a connection through MAGPI - Mid-Atlantic Gigapop in Philadelphia for Internet2)
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