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Journals - Arab Spring
Arab Spring Videoconference 
The events of Spring 2011 across the Arab nations captured the world's attention, redefined the politics of the Middle East and North Africa, and reshaped the US position towards the region. Spanning Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and many other countries, anti-government protests forced leaders to step down and caused the Global Peace Index to plummet. But what does this mean for the United States?"
Arab Spring Videoconference 
Global Nomads Group offered this unique multi-part series to schools in the fall of 2011. Specifically, CITVC participated in an introductory session, a session about the role of media in the uprisings in the Middle East (Twitter, Facebook) and a reflective videoconference about how the Arab Spring will continue to affect the international community.
Arab Spring Videoconference 

CITVC students used the following resources in preparation for this series:

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