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Journals - Youth LINKS TV: Afghanistan   
Arab Spring Videoconference 
"This past year, Global Nomads Group (GNG) ran a virtual youth exchange program, giving schools in the US and Afghanistan a unique opportunity to engage in cultural exchange through media literacy and civic engagement. Youth LINKS, a year-long program, integrates GNG’s 4 C methodology (Connect, Collaborate, Create, and Change) that explores the driving question: 'How does dialogue contribute to peace-building?'” It is a partnership between GNG's YouthLINKS (Youth Leadership through Interactive Networking and Knowledge Sharing) and
SOLA (School of Leadership, Afghanistan)
Arab Spring Videoconference 
Students from the Contemporary Issues through Videoconferencing class were invited by GNG to participate in a two-day session with their Afghan peers in May of 2012. The first session took place during our Around the World 24-hour conference, with Afghanistan being the first country we spoke to that day. The next session took place two weeks later. The high school, located just outside of Kabul is called Marefat High School, Afghanistan.

Arab Spring Videoconference 

On the first day the students engaged in a cultural exchange, discussed their respective pop culture, entertainment and arts, dialogued about technology and social media use and shared about their religious and societal beliefs. On the second day all students were more comfortable and the discussion ranged from the media and current events to US-Afghan relations, in particular the impact of the current war on the youth in Afghanistan. This latter issue took up most of the conversation and had the most impact on the CITVC students. 

These six segments were aired on Afghanistan television in the fall of 2012!





To learn more about this program, please visit: 
- Website for Global Citizens in Action
Website of Marefat High School in Kabul, Afghanistan
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