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Journals - Guest speaker: Soldier who served in Iraq
Guest speaker: Soldier who served in Iraq

CITVC had the honor of a visit from Michael Connolly, a soldier who served in Iraq. Specialist Connolly grew up in Passaic County and he attends Rutgers University. The students in CITVC listened to his story and asked him many questions about the war, the civilian population in Iraq, the fears of soldiers and the future of U.S. operations in the Middle East.
Aside from numerous articles and videos, CITVC used The Lessons of Iraq lesson plan taken from Choices For the 21st century Education Program,
"Specialist Connolly talked about how the Iraqis helped Americans as translators, how they risked their lives to help the American soldiers and also they were doing that for their citizens, their neighbors, friends, children, family, etc."   -Maryam
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