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Journals - Pillars of Islam
Pillars of Islam Videoconference 
Pillars of Islam Videoconference 
The class spent several days discussing Islam and the recent rebellions in the Arab world, i.e., the Arab Spring. The students were quick to learn all they could about the Muslim faith from CITVC students who practice it. These two days of discussion moderated by GNG helped students to discuss their perceived (mis)conceptions about the religion and learning about the pillars of the faith.

CITVC spoke with peers from around the country during one session and to Mr. Haris Tarin, Director of the Washington DC office at Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). One CITVC student arranged a follow-up Skype call with a relative in Jordan since CITVC students still had many questions and comments. The discussion on this topic lasted long after the videoconferences were over.

Resources that helped in our research and preparation:

1) Islam: Empire of Faith documentary

2) An Overview of Islam

3) The Five Pillars of Islam

4. (Right) CNN's Fareed Zakaria interview with Queen Rania of Jordan to discuss women in Islam and Mideast peace.

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