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Journals - Cape Henlopen VC Workshop
Cape Henlopen VC Workshop, May 18, 2011
Cape Henlopen VC Workshop, May 18, 2011
CITVC participated in a professional development conference hosted by MAGPI,  The event was moderated by Heather Weisse Walsh, Manager of Educational Services at MAGPI. CITVC students and Ms. Kathleen Menake, CITVC teacher, presented to Delaware educators about the Around the World project at Passaic Valley High School. The educators viewed a brief clip of a videoconference held between Passaic Valley Regional High School and Nile University, Egypt just days earlier during the 9th annual Around the World event. This spurred a rich dialogue between the presenters and attendees. Several Delaware schools are going to make videoconferencing a mandatory element of some curricula.
Workshop Agenda (All times EDT)
Time Activity Facilitator
10:00 AM Welcome/Introductions Heather @ Cape Henlopen
10:15 AM Class to Class Collaborations: What Are They? What do they look like? Heather @ Cape Henlopen
10:45 AM The Around the World Project & Student-Designed VC Projects Students/Teachers from Passaic Valley High School
11:15 AM Finding Content through CILC Julia Heighway, CILC
12:00 PM Break
12:15 PM Lunch w/ HEC-TV Live Tim Gore & Company HEC-TV, St. Louis
1:00 PM Review: Content Providers v/ Collaborations Heather @ Cape Henlopen
1:15 PM Exploring VC Content Providers Database and MUSE Heather @ Cape Henlopen
1:45 PM Using Backward Design in Collaboration Planning Heather @ Cape Henlopen
2:15 PM Intro to VC Gear: The Teachers Edition Michael @ MAGPI
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