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Journals - German school from Nuremberg, Germany, March 22, 2011
German school from Nuremberg, Germany Videoconference 
German school from Nuremberg, Germany Videoconference 

Once again we spoke to out friends overseas. We used Skype for this videoconference and the students prepared for discussion of five contemporary issues.

This was the program planned by the teachers: The German students presented the topics to CITVC students and we then commented on them and dialogued, with a  question/answer session. In particular, the first topic was of great interest and led to intense discussion since it was the opinion of most German students that nuclear power plants be shut down completely in the wake of the earthquake/tsunami in Japan in March 2011 and the ensuing nuclear disaster. American students were divided on this issue, with some in favor of better construction and disaster planning and some adamant on total shut down.


1. Japan (power plants in Japan / Germany)

2. Libya: What is going on? What is Germany doing?

3. 2012 Doomsday: what will happen?

4. Global warming

5. You and the environment: What are we / you doing to save the environment.
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