Journals - The Economics of Corn
The Economics of Corn - February 15 and 17, 2011
In this 2 part PULSE program offered by Global Nomads Group,, students were able to explore the many ways corn was being used, the effects of agricultural subsidies. We dialogued with a corn farmer from Nebraska on the first day. His corn is not used for direct consumption, but for ethanol production and livestock feed.
We tackled the following questions: is the use of genetically modified seed a good idea? What is the effect of modern corn production on the environment? Is ethanol a good use of our corn production? On the second day we spoke to our peers from around the country about this issue. We found that there is a controversy that lies around corn, a multi-billion dollar industry.
"This videoconference was an excellent insight into the corn industry. Everyday we eat food that has corn in it from somewhere in the U.S." - Eric
"Grass-fed cows or corn-fed cows? Which is better for us? These are topics that these conferences brought to my attention." - Josh
We used these resources to prepare for these two videoconferences:
Videos:  King Corn and  Food, Inc.

1) The Dirt on Farm Subsidies
2) Corn Being Used to Produce Clothing and Other Textiles
3) A Global Effort To Keep Food Prices From Soaring Higher

4) The great corn gold rush
5) America's Diet: Too Sweet by the Spoonful
6) Home of the American Corn Growers Association
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