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Journals - Deepwater Horizon: Exploring the Aftermath of BP's Oil Spill
Deepwater Horizon: Exploring the aftermath of BP's Oil Spill - September 14 and 16, 2010 Videoconference 
Deepwater Horizon: Exploring the aftermath of BP's Oil Spill - September 14 and 16, 2010 Videoconference 
We participated in these videoconferences through Global Nomads Group. The class discussed the BP Oil Spill, which has been deemed the worst off-shore oil spill in United States history. We wanted to explore the spill's environmental impact as well as local, national and world impact.  CITVC students had the opportunity to talk with an expert in alternate energy. Mr. Brent Baker, Chief Executive Officer of Tri-State Biodiesel, who helped the students to understand the benefits of biodiesel fuel use.  On the second day of the conference, the class spoke with their peers from Grand Isle School, Grand Isle, Louisiana. These students were directly affected by the oil spill as many of their parents and family members worked in the fishing industry. Now, their parents and family members are working for BP in the cleanup process.
Mike - "The funny thing about April 20th, when the Deepwater Horizon rig blew up, was a date of an onboard party to commemorate the company going seven years without an accident. A number of company executives reportedly flew out to the rig to take part in the festivities. The natural gas explosion that killed 11 crew members, eventually blew out the walls where the event was held earlier that day."
Matthew - "The class watched Fuel. It is an eye-opening film that investigates one of the more dire topics in America today. I thoroughly enjoyed the film, . . ., The energy debate has flared up again recently with the Cap and Trade legislation and the BP Oil Spill."
We researched these sites for these conferences:

1) Where did the oil go? Researchers point to the sea floor - CNN
2) How Much Oil is on the Gulf Coast? - NYTimes
3) Video of Australia's 60 Minutes BP Oil Spill program from June 13, 2010
4) Teaching with the News - The Gulf Oil DIsaster - Political Cartoons and Video Links
5) Great for use in a debate:  Should the U.S. Halt Offshore Drilling? - NYTimes Upfront Magazine

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