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Journals - Windows on the World - China: Xinjiang Province
Windows on the World - China: Xinjiang Videoconference 
Windows on the World - China: Xinjiang Videoconference 

We were treated to a virtual field trip to a northwestern province in China by Stacey Irvin, photographer and world traveler. The Virtual School at Vanderbilt University hosted this videoconference as part of their program called
Windows on the World

"Today's students will be the citizens and leaders of the 21st Century, heirs to a world that grows smaller and more interconnected with each day. Students must have the opportunities to learn about other countries of the world. "Windows on the World" will broaden your students' views of the world and increase their international literacy.

Take a trip through "Windows on the World" as each presenter discusses about his/her particular country. Learn about the geographic location, the landmarks, government, culture, homes, food, and transportation of each country. The worldview of students will expand as they learn more about different cultures." - Vanderbilt UVS website

"I was very impressed by this conference since it really gave me a feel for the populations and geography of western China. Most especially, I loved the visuals and video clips of the cultures, including the Uyghur peoples. It is interesting that they identify more with the peoples of central Asia than the peoples of China."  -Kristina
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