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Journals - World AIDS Day 2009
World AIDS Day
World AIDS Day 

To honor World AIDS Day 2009, CITVC class members had a conversation with their peers from other American schools and with the makers of the film Where the Water Meets the Sky:  Film for Education & Social Change.  The schools watched the film prior to the conference. 

Ann Cotton, Founder of CAMFED, and David Eberts, Director, spoke with the students about the inspiring story of 23 women from rural Zambia who were trained in film-making.  These women were all orphans; their parents and other family members had died from AIDS.  This film and conference demonstrated to the CITVC students the power of film to address social issues and the power of the human spirit to overcome tragedy.

"Where the Water Meets the Sky is a very moving film in regards to the orphans in Zambia.  Being a filmmaker myself, it's nice to see the power of film touch the hearts of all these women and especially Penelop.  I think everyone needs to continue the efforts to spread education, spread the word, anything we possibly can do to slow the spread of HIV/AIDS and decrease the number of orphans."  -Nicolle
"This videoconference was a different way to experience learning about AIDS. Instead of hearing from people who have AIDS, we got a chance to learn about the other victims of AIDS - the orphans left behind.  I think it is wonderful what Ann Cotton and David Eberts did for these girls.  They gave them a voice to speak out."  -Irina
CITVC used these sites to research for this videoconference:
AIDS Around The World
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