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Journals - Pearl Harbor
Barcelona, Spain videoconference 
Barcelona, Spain videoconference 
Barcelona, Spain videoconference 

CITVC and Ms. Menake's U.S. History II class had the honor of speaking to Mr. Robert Kinzler, an 88-year-old Pearl Harbor survivor.  He was a radio operator in WWII, originally from Irvington, New Jersey. He was stationed in Oahu when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.  The discussion was educational and engaging.  The students could not stop asking questions and the conference lasted over one hour!

"I learned a lot about what life was like for people in the war and after the war.  It was interesting to learn how people used codes to communicate in the war."  -Mohammad
"He spoke in-depth on Pearl Harbor and his views of the Japanese and American military;
he gave students first-hand knowledge."  -Matthew
"Not many high school students get the opportunity to
speak to a survivor like Mr. Kinzler - it was a
great experience."  -Heather
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