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Journals - The Atomic Age:  Nuclear Weapons
The Atomic Age: Nuclear Weapons

We participated in a videoconference on living in a nuclear world through Global Education Motivators.  They collaborated with the Project for Nuclear Awareness and Ban All Nukes Generation to provide this conference which was moderated by young leaders from these organizations.  We talked about the state of nuclear weapons throughout history and engaged in an open discussion on current nuclear issues.  For more information, visit: and

"After listening to the young moderators, I had many questions to ask.  This videoconference did a great job of informing the class and myself about the basics of nuclear weapons.  I enjoyed the open discussion on nuclear history and nuclear spending."  -Bobby
"The amount of spending that goes toward the funding for nuclear projects is outrageous.  I believe that money should go towards something more worthwhile (for example, social programs).  This conference really opened my eyes and changed my views on nuclear weapons."  - Alex
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