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Newark Museum
Newark Museum

Ms. Kathleen Menake's World History Honors freshman and Dr. Sue Clinton's Honors English freshman joined together to participate in a distance learning project through videoconference about the Victorian Age.  Both teachers covered the Victorian Age and supplemented their curriculum by participating in a program live from the 1885 Ballantine House at the Newark Museum. This interdisciplinary project took our students on a tour of a real Victorian town house and we learned about daily life during this era and how the Victorian era influences daily life today.

Seniors from the CITVC class also participated because many of them had both Ms. Menake and Dr. Clinton when they were freshman and they remembered our lessons on the Age of Queen Victoria!

The Ballantine House was built in 1885 for Jeannette and Jon Ballantine, a celebrated Newark beer-brewing family. It is part of the Newark Museum and two floors are open to the public.

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