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Journals - Morocco
Morocco Videoconference 
Morocco Videoconference 
Morocco Videoconference 
We participated in these videoconferences through Global Nomads Group.  They collaborated with the project called Semester at Sea, which embarked on its 100th voyage from Sept. - Dec. 2009.  Live, open dialogue videoconferences were planned with each port city along their route.  We enjoyed being apart of this unique experience.  For more information on the Semester-At-Sea progam, visit: 

"The aim of this project is for youth participants to broaden their understanding of an increasing "flat world" in the 21st century though live, cross-cultural conversations on the manifold issues that relate to immigration and globalization."  -Semester-At-Sea Lesson Plan

"Morocco has long been viewed as an emigrant country - where the native population migrates out to various countries, such as Spain, Netherlands, the US, etc.  Lately, its role seems to be evolving as globalization continues to play a role in human migration.  With Moroccans being the most dispersed non-Western group in Western Europe, we examined the strengths and challenges of the roles migration has played in this multicultural community." -GNG
Morocco Videoconference 
This was our first videoconference of the school year.  We, the CITVC students of the 2009-2010 school year, were nervous and excited!  The videoconference with our Moroccan peers went well and we appreciate their good wishes for a successful school year.  The second videoconference with FatiShow, a female Moroccan hip hop artist, was quite interesting, especially when she broke out her freestyling techniques."  -CITVC class

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