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Journals - Live from Jerusalem
Live from Jerusalem Videoconference
Live from Jerusalem Videoconference

CITVC students, along with several Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese students from PVHS, participated in a special program hosted by The Global Consortium for Sustainable Peace at Cerritos College, Norwalk, CA.  John Haas, Ph.D. moderated the event.  He is a History Professor and Director of the Global Consortium for Sustainable Peace at Cerritos.

The title of the program was: Live from Jerusalem: Where are the voices of Peace? The marginalization of the Israel-Palestinian Peace Movements in the U.S. Media. Specifically the discussion centered around the news coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the U.S. and the lack of coverage of peace efforts by Israelis and Palestinians working together for peace.  We spoke with Dr. Robert Jensen, professor in the School of Journalism at University of Texas and Austin and we talked with Gila Svirsky, an Israeli Jew who is deeply involved in peace and human rights activism. Gila spoke about two organizations, Women in Black and B'Tselem.

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