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Journals - Haiti
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Haiti Videoconference
From Wikipedia
Capital Port-Au-Prince
Languages Haitian Creole, French
Ethnicity 95% Black, 5% Multiracial/White
Government Parliamentary Republic
President René Préval
Vice-President Jean-Max Bellerive
Area 27,751 sq km /10,714 sq mi 
Population 9,035,536
Currency Gourde
Life Exp. 61
GDP 7.018 Billion USD
GDP per capita 790 USD, $2 person/day
Global Nomads Group hosted a videoconference in early February titled Haiti:  Earthquake Relief.  CITVC was a view-only location for this videoconference; we sent in our questions via e-mail and some of them were addressed.  Patrick Solomon, Senior Vice President of Global Support Services of CARE USA was the expert on hand to address the current situation on the ground in Haiti.  We also listened to Haitian-American students from South Plantation High School, Florida, as they told their stories of how their families were affected.
Haiti Videoconference
"CITVC wants to extend our care and support to the recently arrived Haitian students at South Plantation High School.  We appreciate your time and your strength to share such a tragic experience with your peers here in Little Falls, New Jersey."  -CITVC
These sites helped in our preparation for this videoconference: 
Country Profile:  Haiti 
As it happened:  Haiti Earthquake     
Haiti Earthquake Multimedia   
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