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Journals - Earth Day
Earth day Videoconference 
Earth day Videoconference 
Earth day Videoconference 

Bella Gaia (Beautiful Earth) is a Living Atlas multimedia journey of our world;
it displays the beauty of the Earth as seen through the eyes of astronauts as it simulates a space flight.

Kenji Williams played the violin for us as we watched Bella Gaia and then Christopher Shuman, a NASA cryospheric scientist,
told us what it was like to work in Antarctica and how the glacial poles affect our entire Earth, including all the climate changes.

"The visuals made you fall in love with the world around you and the music brought out a sense of emotional connection."  -Cara
CITVC used the following in preparation for this videoconference:
This Videoconference was hosted by MAGPI in partnership with NASA DLN.

Please visit here for more info:
NASA DLN Presents "Earth Day with Kenji Williams
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